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Daehak - dong Catholic Church, After Mass


Since the construction of the church and the presbytery in December 1988 and Ansan Delegation in the Suwon Diocese is newly established, the space of the church is devoted and the resting and meeting space of the believers are lacking. The newly appointed priest wants to build a church where believers can stay, and has decided to set up a resting room at the existing relic shop.


The resting space named 'After Mass' is usually open as a book café and is used as a gathering space for believers after the Mass. The space of about 36 pyeong is divided into three spaces by two walls composed of bookshelves and a flowerpot. Through the use of these walls, it was gradually separated from the public space to the private space by self-café, book lounge, and meeting room from the outside.


The almost 30 years old church and the opposite side building used as a presbytery and a relic shop are located near the entrance of a very quiet and simple residential area. As the inside of the sanctuary was demolished, and the feeling of gazing at the two-lane roadside tree and the church across the street was wonderful. In order to maximize this, I had to look at the inside as well as the entrance and the front landscape.


As I cleaned up the entrance and the landscaping and the volunteers worked hard to clean it, the building that seemed bland and uncharacteristic has become radiant. I hope you feel like stopping by on the way out of the church. Signs indicating that the building is an affiliate facility of the church were only slightly attached to the eye level. When you enter the entrance, there is a rest area with a vending machine. When you open the folding door, you can naturally encounter people passing by on the street. You may want to take a cup of coffee and have a chat with your colleague and the window sill will be your table.


The space inside the frame wall made of the flowerpot is the book cafe and rest area. The church are equipped donated books and Wi-Fi speakers which can be used when the volunteers work for the space. Beyond the bookshelf, there is a more intimate space used as a meeting room for the gathering of believers. In order to make it a quiet space where people watch outside as the initial plan, I raised the stage considering the eye level in the sitting position and used only indirect and partial lighting. The wall of the building's edge was bricked to match the exterior of the church.


The three spaces, separated by two walls, maintain the privacy as much as required without being completely blocked. The tones and lights, the furniture and accessories of the finishing materials become the natural backdrops, and the space of books and music with plants relaxes visitors. I hope that the space, 'after Mass', where the believers manage themselves, will be a place for the communion of the open church.


Site Area

Building Area

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60, Hanyang University 1-gil, Sa3-dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


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Reinforced Concrete

Birch Plywood, Hardwood Floors, Tiles, Paint

Religious Facilities

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

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Daehak-dong Cathedral

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

After the Mass

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