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time and traces of the earth
The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education's new office building will be built on the site of the former Sudo Girls' High School. Sudo Girls' High School, which was located here, along with Yongsan High School, which lived 200m to the east, and Samgwang Elementary School, which is adjacent to the northeast, has memories of lost time as a place of education for Japanese established during the Japanese colonial period.
Jeoksan houses remaining around the site were used as residences for the Joseon bank in Huam (Dutupbawi Rock) and other areas, as well as the residences of the Japanese military officers and teachers during the Japanese colonial period. In the alleyways and residential areas to the north of the site, traces of the outskirts of the city can be seen, which was improvised in a disorderly manner to accommodate the rapidly increasing influx of population after the flowering period, the end of Japanese colonial rule and the Korean War.

The terrain and landscape that the land shows
The flat area in the south that extends beyond the main road is where the altar (Nammyo) was used to hold ancestral rites to the sky since the early days of the Joseon Dynasty in 1455. The Qing imperial army began to be stationed under the pretext of suppressing the Imo army rebellion at the end of the late Han Dynasty. As the headquarters of the Eighth Army and the United Nations Forces, this land was occupied by foreign troops for nearly 100 years. Fortunately, in contrast to the rapid densification and urbanization of the outskirts surrounding this area, the topography and fingerprints of the land are preserved in their original form, showing a landscape of relatively excellent quality of natural environment. If you look to the east, you will face the ridgeline of Namsan (Mt. Mokmyeok), which resembles the shape of a horse running without the saddle. Therefore, if the central area of the new education building in Seoul is raised to a height of 2 stories (5m), the most beautiful scenery of Namsan Mountain and the future Yongsan Park will unfold.
A neighborhood park including a part of the site of the Office of Education will be created on the north side, where small houses 2-4 stories high and the back of the new building face. When facing the playground of Samgwang Elementary School on the northeast side, the Visual Corridor opens wide towards Namsan Tower. The west side faces pre-developed small neighborhood living facilities and multi-family houses. In the future, a roadside neighborhood park together with the community life center is planned to be created.

Site Location: 27 Dutubbawi-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Site area: 13,214m2

Building area: 6,036m2

Dry lung rate: 46%

Total floor area: 41,072m2 (20,202m2 above ground)

Floor area ratio: 153%

Scale: 3 stories below the ground, 7 stories above the ground

Maximum height: 30.4m

Structure: Reinforced concrete + steel frame

Use: business facility

Planning and Basic Design : MMKM associates + Kim Young-seop Architectural Culture
Detailed Design: Not applicable
Supervision: Not applicable
Structural design: Not applicable
Electrical equipment: Not applicable
Mechanical equipment: Not applicable
Landscape design: N/A
Construction: Not applicable

Client: Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education

Photo: N/A

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