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Seongbuk-gu District Elderly Welfare Center Development Design

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Sharing/Communication, Vertical Park

As part of the Dongseon District 2 housing redevelopment maintenance project, the current Jeil Academy site was designated as a small park, and the access road between the apartment housing site was expanded from a 4m current road to a 10m urban planning road. Afterwards, the use of the small park will be changed to a public facility site for the construction of a comprehensive elderly welfare center with 2 floors below the ground and 6 floors above the ground.
The construction method of the municipal welfare center for the elderly that we propose is to make the site and buildings a three-dimensional park by making use of the purpose of being designated as a small park so that it can be a space to share/communicate with visiting residents. To this end, the size of the 6th floor above the ground is expanded to the 7th floor, and a rest balcony with greenery and a rest deck are planned in the outdoor space created on each floor. The interior of the facility has a vertical communication structure sharing an open external space on two floors, and the outer skin of the building that surrounds it serves to protect the internal space and has a symbolism that reflects regional characteristics.

Access/Symbolism, Fortress Village

The site is located on a slope connecting Sungshin Women's University Station and Miari Pass, and pedestrians and vehicles can access it through the 25m-wide Dongsomun-ro 31-gil. As an art theater street between the site and the Miari Hill Art Theater, it is connected to the building line retreat (3m) within the site to form a walking network.
The name of Dongseon-dong is derived from the neighboring Dongsomun and Samseon-dong. Dongsomun is the common name for Hyehwamun, one of the four gates of the Seoul Fortress Wall. Samseon-dong originated from the fact that the flat field outside Hyehwamun was called Samseonpyeong. The Dongseon-dong area is the center of Seongbuk-gu, and as the name of the area suggests, it has a strong image of the area adjacent to the Seoul Fortress Wall.
The exterior of the welfare center for the elderly borrows the image of a castle that surrounds the internal facility, responding to the external environment and intending to have a special impression reflecting the local environment.

space composition, connection

Based on the parking lot on the 1st floor, the upper floor corresponds to a comprehensive senior welfare center, and is divided into office and education areas on the lower floors (2F ~ 4F) and convenience and hobby areas on the upper floors (5F ~ 7F). On the base floor, there is a visitor elevator and stairway on the eastern side of the site in the direction of the main entrance, and a manager's stairway is located on the opposite side. Every floor has an open outdoor space on two floors for rest/communication, and the outer deck space of the senior dining hall on the 6th and 7th floors connected to the duplex creates an intimate outdoor space hidden from the outside. The rooftop was planned as a vegetable garden space for the elderly to cultivate themselves.
The parking lot on the 1st floor is used for car parking, loading and unloading of goods, and for getting on and off large buses. A 150-seat multi-purpose performance hall located on the first basement floor is directly connected from the front road and is connected to the sunken garden through an external staircase connected to the main entrance on the first floor, considering lighting and ventilation of the underground space.


02_설계도판_성북구 구립노인종합복지관 건립 설계공모2_1.jpg

Seongbuk-gu District Elderly Welfare Center Development Design

site location

land area

building area

tendon lung rate

gross area

volume ratio

Kyu mo

highest height

number of parking spaces

old jo

exterior finish

for  also

Planning and basic design

Lot 2, 324, Dongseon-dong 4-ga, Seongbuk-gu






2 floors below ground, 7 floors above ground


13 (including 1 disabled parking)

Reinforced concrete structure

Aluminum windows + low-e double glazing,

Clay brick stucco, aluminum sheet

facilities for the elderly

MMKM associates

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