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Urban Organization and Gap (VOID)
The area around the site is a small-scale (average 150m2) lot, which is an area where multi-family houses with three stories or less are concentrated. By arranging the building facing the access road (3m) of the daycare center on the west side of the site, a small gap (VOID) was created in the densely populated area by providing space on both sides of the site.

Practical infrastructure
The social infrastructure to support public services in the region was made into a practical and nature-friendly building. The main space was arranged on the front and back sides with the core as the center, and light was allowed in all rooms. The external materials revealed the structure and simple materials were harmonized with each other. Through the material combination of inserting clay bricks and wooden boards on the uneven surface of the exposed concrete structure (the difference in thickness between beams and walls), it was designed to have a solid and laminated image that embraces the various socially disadvantaged.


Site Location: 42, Sindaebang 1-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

Site area: 165.4m2

Building area: 97.57m2

Dry lung rate: 58.99%

Total floor area: 333.94m2 (290.68m2 above ground)

Floor area ratio: 175.74%

Scale: 1 basement level, 3 above ground level

Maximum height: 12.0m

Number of parking spaces: 2

Structure: reinforced concrete structure

Exterior finishing: Exposed pine board concrete, clay brick, red cedar siding, aluminum window + low-e double-glazed glass

Use: Class 1 neighborhood living facilities (local children's center, multicultural family support center)

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