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new accommodation
The development of the Oshiano Tourism Complex, the base of the tourism industry in the southwest coast region, has been stagnant since the construction of the infrastructure and golf course was completed in 2009. The Oceano Resort, which is being promoted in a situation where the infrastructure is insufficient, literally has to be special in itself.
The climate and natural environment of the Oceano Tourist Complex are very special compared to those of famous domestic tourist destinations. The inconvenience of transportation is also an opportunity to make use of the advantages of quietness. Oceano Resort should be a new lodging facility with an architectural theme that is not found anywhere else, although it is small.

new experience
The courtyard structure responds appropriately to the wet environment and provides an elegant interior space, but it is insufficient to maximize the advantages of the special topography and cape of Oceano Resort. The terrace-type structure has an opportunity to provide an ocean view from all rooms, but due to the inconvenience of the movement, it has limitations in budget and land to create a 100-room resort.
The courtyard + terrace type structure is a new type that combines the advantages of the two, and has a reasonable spatial structure while maximizing the experience of the place. We call this terra in the sense of 'building the land'. s. It's called cape. This will clarify the project's goal of making it architecturally unique and will provide visitors with a unique experience unique to the Oceano Resort.

new perspective
The courtyard + terrace type resort consists of a perimeter with three types of rooms and a podium under the terrace with auxiliary facilities. The form of a resort that combines two rings has a strong impression on its own, and this can become a brand image.
Oceano Resort is designed to have a difference in the composition of the auxiliary facilities as well as the architectural characteristics. In addition to the four-season tourism resources of the Haenam area, a library based on the cultural contents such as books and records in the Haenam area is allocated to attract visitors of various ages.

Site Location: Site 1 of Tourist Hotel in Oshiano Tourist Complex, Hwawon-myeon, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do

Site area: 45,949.00m2

Building area: 4,504.43m2

Dry lung rate: 9.80%

Total floor area: 11,637.18m2 (8,039.61m2 above ground)

Floor area ratio: 17.49%

Scale: 3 stories below the ground, 5 above the ground

Maximum height: 20.50m

Number of parking spaces: 88

Structure: reinforced concrete structure

Exterior finishing: Low-e double-layer glass, metal panel

Use: Accommodation (tourist accommodation)

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