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Elementary School as Public Campus

The target site is located in a reclaimed land in Buktongyeong as a sub-center of Tongyeong City, and the existing Jukrim Elementary School faces the northern side of the site, and a large-scale apartment complex is located across the Oabok 4-lane road. In addition, the east side of the site faces the general residential area with a pedestrian-only road in between, and the Tongyeong-Daejeon highway to the southwest forms the boundary of the new town as an overpass.

1. The image of the new city should be formed as a new public building in the sub-center of Tongyeong on the urban scale.
2. In the complex scale, it should serve as a community center in the surrounding residential area and activate pedestrian-only roads.
3. The master plan of the Gyeongnam Office of Education should be reflected in consideration of the existing Juklip Elementary School in the building scale.
Jukrim 2nd Elementary School should function as a campus that can faithfully perform the basic functions of an elementary school and at the same time respond flexibly to changes according to the overall master plan of Buktongyeong New Town.

Site Location: 27, Sinjuk 1-gil, Gwangdo-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Site area: 10,991.90m2

Building area: 4,126.06m2

Tendon Lung Rate: 37.54%

Total floor area: 9,491.28m2 (7,652.77m2 above ground)

Floor area ratio: 69.62%

Scale: 1 basement level, 3 above ground level

highest height:

Number of parking spaces: 45

Structure: reinforced concrete structure

Exterior finishing: aluminum sheet, exposed concrete, clay brick cladding

Use: Educational research facility (elementary school)


Plan and basic design: MMKM associates Seohong Min + Professor Wonjae Lee, Department of Architecture, Hongik University
Detailed Design: Not applicable
Supervision: Not applicable
Structural design: Not applicable
Electrical equipment: Not applicable
Mechanical equipment: Not applicable
Landscape design: N/A
Construction: Not applicable
Client: Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education
Photo: N/A

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