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The moment a firefighter is revealed is always when an 'incident' occurs. Other than that, most of the time is not revealed to the outside, but it is also the most important time to make the revealed 'moment' work quickly and efficiently. The Segok 119 Safety Center is a work space where firefighters are divided into three groups of 15 people each to perform three shifts. The plan gave priority to meeting the three requirements of program efficiency, ease of dispatch, and life convenience for firefighters, and was intended to have a solid impression as a facility responsible for public safety from the outside.

1. Program Efficiency: Efficient Program Deployment
The site of the Segok 119 Safety Center is narrow and long in the north-south direction, and has an atypical shape to the south. In order to efficiently use the site and secure work space around the building, a rectangular (25mx18m) mass is planned on the north side of the site, and a parking lot and rest area (landscape) are installed on the south side. Plan the mezzanine using the high ceiling height (5m) of the garage for fire fighting vehicles and rearrange the rooms that need to be separated. Due to this, a resting space was provided in the empty upper volume to increase the convenience of each room.

2. Ease of evacuation: rapid evacuation line system
For quick evacuation in case of emergency, two access lines from the work space on the first floor to the garage are installed, and the route from the waiting room on each floor to the emergency stairs is planned as the shortest distance.
On the mezzanine floor where the center director's office and meeting rooms are located, the status of the garage can be checked frequently through the front window, and an emergency stairway leading directly to the garage is additionally installed.

3. Convenience of life: improvement of working/living environment for firefighters
In the garage on the first floor, in addition to the front shutter, rear and side shutters are additionally installed to facilitate exhaust gas emission from the garage, and the living space (3 waiting rooms) on each floor is placed on the west side to block noise from the front road. In addition, resting decks are installed in each living space and convenience facilities to ensure privacy and create a comfortable space, and the restaurant on the top floor is linked with the rooftop garden to become a resting space for body and mind stability.

Site Location: 2 lots including 268-5 Yulhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Site area: 1,197.00m2

Building area: 466.56m2

Dry lung rate: 38.98%

Total floor area: 1,257.96m2 (ground floor 1,202.46m2)

Floor area ratio: 69.62%

Scale: 1 basement level, 3 above ground level

Maximum height: 14.1m

Number of parking spaces: 5

Structure: reinforced concrete structure

Exterior finishing: color steel sheet, aluminum window + low-e double-layer glass, exposed concrete

Use: Public business facilities

Plan and basic design: MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung + Min Seo-hong
Detailed Design: Not applicable
Supervision: Not applicable
Structural design: Not applicable
Electrical equipment: Not applicable
Mechanical equipment: Not applicable
Landscape design: N/A
Construction: Not applicable
Client: Gangnam Fire Department
Photo: N/A

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