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Joryup Administrative Welfare Center

Although public facilities such as community centers are almost the only community facilities for village communities in Eup, Myeon, and Dong units, community centers around us are places where people leave immediately after receiving necessary work due to poor facilities and environment. It lacks special spatial symbolism to become the center of the local community.

ORIGAMI BOX - Yuhan Technos new office building
When we visited the office located in the apartment-type factory in Mullae-dong to meet the client, we confirmed the typical problems of apartment-type factories in which the working environment of workers working in the center of the work space deteriorates due to the long width and depth of the building and the low ceiling height.

GESTALT HEILEN, a space of healing


The facility is located in Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, and is a research and educational facility for the purpose of psychological counseling derived from Gestalt psychology. To this end, it was designed based on an admission program that accommodates 30 to 35 people for more than two days and one night, and similar facilities include training centers operated by corporations and religious organizations. 

K-bro Building

Guseo-dong, where the site is located, is one of 13 legal dongs in Geumjeong-gu, which is the northernmost tip of Busan. The area was developed linearly in the north-south direction with the development of Busan Subway Line 1 and the main road connecting Nopo-dong and Seo-myeon. has been

Namgajwadong Community Housing

Housing types can be largely divided into two. One is an apartment that lives vertically and horizontally in a similar type of house, and the other is a detached house that does not live together but lives in a house of the desired shape. People who live somewhere between the two but want to live in a house of their desired shape have gathered and commissioned them. We don't just want to live blindly together. I want to live by sharing time, space, and things.

Bangu-dong Neighborhood Building

Bangu-dong (伴鷗洞) is a legal district in Jung-gu, Ulsan. The building is a neighborhood living facility for direct management of the restaurant by the building owner. On the 1st and 2nd floors, there is a store/kitchen for a restaurant, a common area, and an outdoor parking lot/landscape, and on the 3rd floor, an office space is located. The 2nd and 3rd floors have terraces considering the operation of external stores.

​Shinbokri Housing

​The site is located in Sinbok-ri, where National Road No. 37 connecting Okcheon-myeon and Seorak-myeon passes through, and it is adjacent to Yumyeongsan Mountain (863.9m) and is adjacent to Daebusan Mountain (743.8m). It is located around bb3b-136bad5cf58d_. The building is used as a detached house + neighborhood living facility (office), with 1 basement floor and 2 floors above ground, with a total floor area of 293.04m2, using a slope. is scheduled to be used as

Wolgye Library Remodeling 

library for a walk

Along the newly created gap between the front façade and the mass, visitors can freely walk in and out of the building, experiencing the surrounding landscape and the interior of the building, which vary depending on location. This evolved from the existing library method of reading books in a static atmosphere, integrating a series of processes of discovering, reading, and contemplating books with the process of walking, sitting, staying, and then wandering around to create a space of knowledge and information for reading and contemplation. It is a proposal to transform it into a space of experience.

Seongnam History Museum exhibition hall development theory​report

Industrial Complex 1 Neighborhood Park has evolved into a park for Seongnam citizens based on the history of the site as Seongnam Industrial Complex 1 in the past. In the current park, which consists of parks centered on traffic lines, a flat park where citizens can enjoy cultural life in the shade and communicate with local residents is proposed at the top of the museum facility. I hope that it will become a park where Seongnam citizens can take a break from their daily lives.

Seongbuk-gu District Elderly Welfare Center Development Design

The site is located on a slope connecting Sungshin Women's University Station and Miari Pass, and pedestrians and vehicles access it through 25m-wide Dongsomun-ro 31-gil. Dongsomun is the common name for Hyehwamun, one of the four gates of the Seoul Fortress Wall. Samseon-dong originated from the fact that the flat field outside Hyehwamun was called Samseonpyeong. The Dongseon-dong area is the center of Seongbuk-gu, and as the name of the area suggests, it has a strong image of the area adjacent to the Seoul Fortress Wall.

The exterior of the welfare center for the elderly borrows the image of a castle that surrounds the internal facility, responding to the external environment and intending to have a special impression reflecting the local environment.

'Yeongju The Ium Eoullim Center' construction design competition

The facility is a complex facility of 'Urban Regeneration Base Facility + Public Parking Lot'. Although the use of parking-only construction is more than 70%, a method that does not appear in harmony with the surroundings is required, and special utilization methods for the private land purchase site and access road at the rear of the site must be considered. In order to create an integrated harmonious space, not in the same way as commercial buildings with vertically stacked programs, urban regeneration base facilities are vertically/horizontally distributed around public parking lots, and internal streets and common spaces connecting various access roads to the site are created. By connecting them, we wanted to make the entire facility a harmonious space.

Daedeok Innopolis Convergence Innovation Center Construction Project Design Competition

'Informal culture'is also important in the entrepreneurial process. This is because innovation is possible when people with different characteristics freely cooperate. Is free cooperation possible in a society that creates hierarchical relationships and hierarchies? The Daedeok Research Complex played a role in driving the nation's compressed growth during the period of high growth and opened up the future.​In order to become an innovation cluster that pretends to'Youth culture​ centered urban culture' will have to be reborn.

Shindong-myeon Administrative Welfare Center Development Design 

Our proposal is an attempt to reconstruct the village scenery made up of individual events from a romantic perspective and 'mythical'. This is to add a familiar yet interesting landscape to Sile Village by composing the architectural symbols that exist around it in a neutral way. Another unfamiliarity made of something familiar that reflects locality makes it possible to 'coexist' in the relationship between the background (Sile Village) and the icon (Administrative Welfare Center).

Seosan Public Library Competition Design

The walking library is a proposal to transform a 'space of knowledge and information' into a 'space of experience' for reading and contemplation by integrating the process of walking, sitting, staying and wandering with the static act of reading a book._d04a07d8 -9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_ Therefore, instead of 'objective landmarks', which are objects to be looked at, 'experienced landmarks' were proposed that react to the surrounding landscape and experience the space and store it in the mind.

Munsan base library development design

​The target site, Munsan-eup Dang-dong Industrial Complex No. 3 Neighborhood Park, serves as an important base for the green network connecting the forest in the west and the green area in the east. Pedestrians use it. Therefore, a new library should be built in harmony while preserving the order of the existing park, and furthermore, it should be planned so that it can have an active relationship with the organization of the existing park.

​Korea Medical Association Hall development design

The Korean Medical Association was established in 1908 as an association of medical professionals who obtained Korean medical licenses as members. The current Ichon-dong Hall, which was built in 1974, was found to be in serious danger, such as receiving a 'D' grade as a result of a precise safety examination conducted in 2016, so it was decided to promote the construction on the site of the current hall at the 2017 general meeting of delegates.

City council building space and seismic reinforcement design

The 'volume in space' method applied to the new parliament building integrates the common areas of the existing building and connects them vertically to create an open central space in the interior space. This 'PUBLIC CORE' will function as a space of dignity that the parliament building should have and a space of communication shared between citizens and the assembly.

Jungnang-gu Fashion Sewing Smart Anchor Facility Design

Shinchon Urban Regeneration Youth Culture Advancement Design

The Sinchon area was spotlighted as the origin of university culture in the 1970s and 1980s, with many universities around it. However, as the entertainment culture spread in the 1990s, the positive function of cultural production was lost, and its status was lost to the nearby Hongdae area, and it is stagnating. In response, the Seodaemun-gu Office has recently selected Yonsei-ro 'car-free streets', famous streets, and Sinchon urban regeneration vitalization areas centered on Ihwayeodae-gil, and as a result of steady efforts, tangible results are being produced little by little.

Seo Ha-jae

Urban hanok is a hanok built on a narrow plot of land in the city, but it has a straight courtyard at the center of the house. The vitality of a hanok comes from its courtyard. Depending on the shape of the poles surrounding the yard, it can be divided into a ㅁ-shaped hanok or a u-shaped hanok depending on the arrangement of the poles. In both types, the main point of the composition is the yard at the center of the house.

Segok-dong Cathedral

The main focus of the design is the integration design with the areas of collaboration (mechanical, electrical, communication, firefighting, acoustics, castle art, etc.) that may be lacking in the architectural finishing work while keeping the intention of the architectural plan to realize a new cathedral space and the use of suitable finishing materials. It is to improve the quality of construction through designation.

After mass


The rest area named 'After Mass' is usually open as a book cafe and is used as a gathering space for believers after Mass. The space of about 36 pyeong is divided into three spaces by two walls consisting of a bookshelf and a plant stand. Through the division using this wall, the public space is gradually divided into the private space in the order of self-café, book lounge, and meeting room according to the circulation from the outside.

Way of Re-Play

A yellow road stretches out in front of your eyes. The atypical structure that starts at the entrance to the exhibition hall is formed as a narrow exit like a cave. The structure seems to soar as if soaring from the floor. If you lean your torso slightly and follow the stair-stepped road, a video screen is installed around the curve.


On August 27, 2015, on a late summer day when the fields turned yellow, I visited Namwon-si for the Namwonru Project. I visited Namwon for the first time without knowing anything about Namwon other than that it is the home of Chunhyang and Chueotang, so I decided to proceed with this project based on the impressions of that day, and made no preparations in advance. The eaves lines of the large and small hanok roofs and the gentle mountain slopes spread out from the car windows running from Namwon Station to the promised place seemed to give away a warm embrace that welcomes strangers.

Bongeunsa-ro Business Facility


The target site is located in the vicinity of Samsung Jungang Station on subway line 9, and the development conditions are good, and the surrounding sites are also likely to be continuously reconstructed to form a new skyline. The client requested the use of a box shape and curtain wall glass system that maximized the legal building-to-land ratio, floor area ratio, and maximum height. The mass, with a maximum height of 53m, width of 12.6m, and depth of 14.7m, has a slenderness ratio of approximately 4:1, making it an image as a high-rise building compared to the total floor area of 830 pyeong including the basement.

Wooshin High School Self-Study Room

Dongguk University College of Education Affiliated Women's Middle School

Songgok Girls' High School

Garak Middle School

Maria Sant'Angelo Boutique

RING AROUND A ROSY, Mok 2-dong My Neighborhood Kiwoom Center

Mapo Oil Tank Culture Park

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