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Low-energy House


Low-energy house is a practical energy-saving model that adopted German passive house technology. It slightly lowered the standards of heating load, considering Koreans' familiarity with the floor heating. When planning a building with a combination of residential and neighborhood facilities, it may be inefficient to plan the whole house as a passive house. Therefore, if one applies the concept of passive house only to the residential part, an imbalance might result.

As a result of adjusting the heating load target with proper insulation plan of the joint part, Low-energy house was decided as an alternative.

GESTALT HEILEN, healing space


This facility is a research and educational facility for psychological counseling, which is based on Gestalt psychology, and it is located in the passive area of ​​Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. The building was designed based on the entrance program that lasts for two days, which accommodates about 30 to 35 people. Similar facilities of this type of building include training centers operated by companies or religious organizations. (To train psychological counseling specialists, continuing professional studies is needed, and this building is designed according to the needs of those specialized facilities.)

The facilities can be divided into basement and ground level, separated by week and night. Therefore, the facilities of the building had limited consideration for the two's simultaneous operation. First basement is mainly operated by weekly program. It is composed of an office, a counseling room, a seminar room, an education hall, a restaurant, and support facilities. And it is directly connected to the outside due to the slope of the land. The first and the second floors are used as an accommodation as the weekly program ends, and are directly connected to the external deck on the first floor of each building.

As a facility for psychological counseling, the point of the design was to create a healing space that provides psychological stability. For this purpose, we tried to minimize the external volume by using the underground space and relieve the pressure feeling by separating the ground motion mass.

Architectural Play, Playful Architecture


The Gestalt Heilen is a facility that provides comfort and convenience to the user and is a poetic (metaphorical) space offering a playful experience.

The underground and the ground mass constituting the structure of the building have a strong visual contrast. If the lumps of the basement express the construction based on the ground through the rough texture and the stacking method, the two grounds on the artificial soil (deck) tried to seek rationality in terms of efficiency. (Unconsciousness & Consciousness)


The two masses on the ground layer used in the dormitories share the same gene (the same unit type) but have a heterogeneous internal space due to their differences in the construction method. The front of the residence is brightly colored, and it has an accidental communication structure through the void of the common area. But the white residence with the vertical louver on the back has a conscious communication structure with the help of the structure of the room and emphasizes privacy more. (Sensibility & Reason)


The basement consists of a courtyard surrounded by a corridor similar to that of a medieval monastery. For the rooms that corresponds to the beginning, middle, and the end, we made an underground garden(sunken garden). This is a way to intensify the facial expression by overlapping the inner and outer room through the window. On the other hand, the windows on the ground are used as a visual framework to look outside and used in a way that intends to create a continuous experience which can add spatial joy. (Meaning & Perception)



Site Area

Building Area

Building Coverage

Total floor area

Floor Area Ratio

Total Floor

Building Height

Number of Parking


Exterior Finish





Structural Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Landscape Architect




120-2, Naebang-ri, Sudong-myeon

, Namyangju-si






1st basement floor, 2nd floor



Reinforced Concrete

Aluminum Sheet, Exposed Concrete

, Paint, Brick, Wood, Natural Stone

Business Facilities

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

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Park Wan-soon, Lee Han-ul

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