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K-bro Building

Guseo-dong, where the site is located, is one of 13 Beopdong-dongs in Geumjeong-gu, which is the northernmost tip of Busan. The area was developed linearly in the north-south direction along with the development of Busan Subway Line 1 and the main road connecting Nopo-dong and Seo-myeon. has beenAlong the back road, there was an old Brothers Car Wash on a 70-pyeong site located at the corner of the intersection with neighborhood living facilities. Most of the surrounding buildings are over 30 years old, and the commercial district is not active, and with the recent reconstruction of nearby apartments, a new commercial building was built across the street last year, but there are still many vacancies. The client, who has owned the land for over 40 years, decides to build a new building with a long-term perspective even in the uncertain situation of rental demand. And the new corner building to be built is the common name of the three brothers. So, with k-bro...The three buildings, located at the corner of the crossroads, have one thing in common, despite the different construction periods. As promised, a rental space is placed in the corner, and the core, where the stairwell and elevator are located, is located on the invisible side. (Actually, the proposal of a local architect that the client asked for before meeting us was no different.) It may be a natural idea to maximize the value of the land facing the street, but it may not be the case if you look at the value of the whole building. On a floor other than the first floor, we have no choice but to access it using a vertical circulation line, and the client accepted our suggestion that the location of the main entrance and the core should be the most recognizable and accessible corner after a long hesitation.It cannot be generalized, but unless a show window is necessary, exposing people going in and out and going up and down the stairs is a good way to promote the building. In addition, the small triangular exterior space left in each part is useful for the users of the building, but it is also a kind of safety zone provided to pedestrians who have just crossed the crosswalk. Even if you don't talk about publicity, it should be a building with little consideration for someone.The mass of the building consists of three main parts, with the wall connecting the elevator shaft and the rooftop. The two floating masses facing the horizontal exist in their own way. The lattice-shaped facade on the south side has 16 large windows and actively communicates with the street, and the large exterior wall on the west side is a device that provokes curiosity by blocking the inside and the outside.The first floor consists of an outdoor parking lot for 4 cars including the piloti parking lot and a rental space that can be divided into two, and each rental space has two entrances to the hall and the outside. The rental space on the second floor can be divided into two, and in some cases, an open part is installed on the south side so that it can be rented like the first floor, so that the space of the two floors can be connected. The 3rd and 4th floors are each a single rental space, and the 4th floor has a terrace formed by the retreat of the building line due to the restriction of the direct sunlight. The 5th floor is a house with a separate terrace and was planned as an attic and duplex.

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K-bro Building


Site Area

Building Area

Building Coverage

Total floor area

Floor Area Ratio

Total Floor

Building Height

Number of Parking


Exterior Finish





Structural Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

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462-11, Guseo-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan






5th floor


4 cars

Steel Frame Reinforced Concrete Structure

Aluminum Windows, Designated Stone Materials

Neighborhood Living Facilities, Detached House


MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung, Min Seo-hong

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung, Min Seo-hong

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

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Doyoung Construction


Junhwan Yoon

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