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There is mountain.

They buried five tanks.

They became industrial remain.

They generate sublime atmosphere.

The mountain is restricted and forgotten.

The Fundamental
This project seeks to rehabilitate an industrial oil depot into a cultural depot in order to give the restricted and forgotten mountain back to Seoul citizens. It needs to redefine the fundamental elements of nature so that the remains could awaken the inherent nature of Mother Earth.
The four elements of Aristotle, 'Air, Earth, Water, and Fire', creates main themes of four tanks from tank No. 1 to 4. Each tank has suitable space programs such as amphitheater, jellyfish aquarium, library, lecture room and wind pavilion. The theme of the last tank No. 5, which will be preserved as it is, is human and it functions as the Nexus of visitors to possess information center and exhibition programs.


Mapo Oil Tank Culture Park


site location

land area

building area

tendon lung rate

gross area

volume ratio

Kyu mo

highest height

number of parking spaces

old jo

exterior finish

for  also

Planning and basic design

detailed design

persimmon li

structural design

electrical equipment


landscape design

city  ball

place of order

4  Jin 

87 Jeungsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul






5 floors

13.27 m

Not applicable

Reinforced concrete structure

Exposed concrete, corten steel, aluminum windows + low-e double glazing

Cultural assembly facility


MMKM associates Seohong Min, Ahseong Gil
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