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Munsan Base Library_'Library with a Park'

Since emerging as a modern library movement for the public in the mid-19th century, public libraries have played a variety of social roles according to the changes of the times. are doing Public libraries are striving to increase the use of public services by providing expanded services through complexation with various facilities such as educational facilities and cultural facilities in accordance with changes in social roles. is developing into

The target site, Munsan-eup Dangdong Industrial Complex No. 3 Neighborhood Park, serves as an important base for the green network connecting the forest on the west side and the green area on the east side, and is used by a large number of pedestrians connected to the school from the nearby residential area. Therefore, a new library should be built harmoniously while preserving the order of the existing park, and furthermore, it should be planned to have an active relationship with the organization of the existing park.

​After all, the library and the park have a complementary relationship, and the act of reading books and taking a walk is naturally connected, so the existing library method of reading books in a static atmosphere (space of knowledge and information) ) evolved into an experience space for reading and contemplation through walking.

Blueprint (A0,pdf)-01.jpg
Blueprint (A0,pdf)-02.jpg

Munsan base library development design

site location

land area

building area

tendon lung rate

gross area

volume ratio

Kyu mo

highest height

number of parking spaces

old jo

exterior finish

for  also

Planning and basic design

detailed design

persimmon li

structural design

electrical equipment


landscape design

city  ball

place of order

4  Jin 

907 Dangdo-ri, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do




5,453.6m2 (3,704.8m2 above ground)


1st floor, 3rd floor above ground


20 underground, 35 above ground

Reinforced concrete structure, steel roof

aluminum sheet,

earthen brick, wood panel, aluminum panel, designated stone,

Aluminum windows + double glazing

Educational research facility (library), cultural park

MMKM associates

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​Paju City Hall

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