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'Yeongju The Ium Eoullim Center' construction design competition

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The multi-layered VOID is a hollow tube structure that is stacked with the upper and lower layers of each layer to create a continuous volume horizontally and vertically. Inside the tube structure, shared spaces and common spaces are combined to create a fluid and continuous environment like the terminal's walkway. This allows all floors of the Smart Collaboration Space of the Convergence Research Innovation Center to become a 'communication space without hierarchy','Symbolic space, ICONIC VOID'way to make it happen.
3,000m2The standard floor of has a 54m X 54m square plane using 9m X 9m modules in consideration of the office environment and underground parking lot. The 36 unit modules are divided into occupancy space and remaining space at a ratio of 50:50. The rest of the duplex space is DECK  (Sharing space + Common space) and VOID intersect to create a fusion space. The vertically stacked multi-layered VOID creates a symbolic space (ICONIC VOID) of the convergence base space.

_ Combination/specialization, harmonious space

The facility is a complex facility of 'Urban Regeneration Base Facility + Public Parking Lot'. Although the use of parking-only construction is more than 70%, a method that does not appear in harmony with the surroundings is required, and special utilization methods for the private land purchase site and access road at the rear of the site must be considered. In order to create an integrated harmonious space, not in the same way as commercial buildings with vertically stacked programs, urban regeneration base facilities are vertically/horizontally distributed around public parking lots, and internal streets and common spaces connecting various access roads to the site are created. By connecting them, we wanted to make the entire facility a harmonious space.


_ Hybrid work environment

The smart collaboration work environment for revitalizing the start-up ecosystem should be a way to work 'anywhere', away from the fixed work environment. A hybrid work environment is a method that provides users with flexibility and autonomy, enables collaboration, and, as a result, enables creative research and achievements.

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_ Convergence Research Innovation Center

As an innovation base, the Creative Convergence Hub promotes and supports 'flagship convergence research' that connects public institutions, research institutes, and schools in the existing Daedeok Research Complex. To this end, government-funded research institutes support start-ups in three specialized fields (materials/parts/equipment, bio/health, artificial intelligence/big data) and create and support start-up infrastructure to vitalize the start-up ecosystem.
The Convergence Research Innovation Center, a leading project of HUB 1 (Creative Convergence Hub), requires a building layout considering the surrounding environment and symbolism as a base for innovation. A single mass (54X54) separated from the ground emphasizes its presence while embracing the main program and respecting the existing urban context. In addition, the infrastructure uses the level of the site and accommodates a plan for convenience and welfare facilities for users as a living space, along with a pedestrian and vehicle circulation plan that considers the entire complex.

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'Yeongju The Ium Eoullim Center' construction design competition

site location

land area

building area

tendon lung rate

gross area

volume ratio

Kyu mo

highest height

number of parking spaces

old jo

exterior finish

for  also

Planning and basic design

317-8 Hyucheon-dong, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do and 4 lots






1 basement floor, 5 floors above ground


93 units (including 4 disabled parking spaces)

Reinforced concrete structure

Aluminum windows + low-e double glazing,

Clay brick decoration, color steel plate

building for parking

MMKM associates

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