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Site Location: 86, Sadang-ro 17-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

Site area: 635.9m2

Building area: 317.28m2

Dry lung rate: 49.98%

Total floor area: 1876.15m2

Floor area ratio: 217.84%

Scale: 1 basement level, 5 above ground level

Maximum height: 22.80m

Number of parking spaces: 8

Structure: Reinforced concrete structure

Exterior finishing: powder coating on metal lath, clay brick stuccoing, powder coating on aluminum sheet, aluminum window + low-e double-glazed glass

Use: Public business facilities

Plan and basic design: MMKM associates Seohong Min, Hyeonjeong Park

Detailed Design: Not applicable

Supervision: Not applicable

Structural design: Not applicable

Electrical equipment: Not applicable

Mechanical equipment: Not applicable

Landscape design: N/A

Construction: Not applicable

Client: Dongjak-gu Office

Photo: N/A

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