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“Segok-dong Cathedral is a 'Cathedral of Light' that makes you feel good and bright when you come. We removed the dark cathedral atmosphere of the Middle Ages and approached the typicality of the cathedral space with a new paradigm.” Im Sang-man, chief priest of Suseo-dong parish

Segok-dong Cathedral underwent design changes through interior design to improve the quality of the interior finish at the time the frame was completed. The main focus of the design is the integration design with the areas of collaboration (mechanical, electrical, communication, firefighting, acoustics, castle art, etc.) that may be lacking in the architectural finishing work while keeping the intention of the architectural plan to realize a new cathedral space and the use of suitable finishing materials. It is to improve the quality of construction through designation.

The public area from the lobby to the Grand Sanctuary Hall and the interior space of the Grand Sanctuary are the main spaces for Mass, and the continuous experience of this space in a religious facility is thought to be a repetitive and special ceremonial process that sustains life as a religious person. Because of the burden of dealing with such a space, in many cases, architects focus on spatial perfection, but they may be relatively neglectful of the part that functions as a building. Complementing these points in the field design or interior design stage gives much more satisfactory results.

The simple form of the ceiling that composes the white space is not simply created. Mechanical, electrical, communication, firefighting, sound... When the scattered drawings are put together, various conflicting problems are found. Most of the facilities are concentrated on the ceiling, and it takes only a couple of months to gather together contractors in each field to complete a drawing that everyone is satisfied with.

The altar wall and the skylight on the upper part of the altar are the most difficult parts. It is not easy to express the form where three or more faces with different inclinations meet with the construction drawings required for the site. Fortunately, I met a carpenter team leader with a sense of humor, and the shape was well made, but the finishing of the corners left a disappointment. Still, I think we should thank the contractor for making this with the insufficient finishing time due to the delay in the frame construction and the budget cut short.

The interior design work for Segok-dong Cathedral started in June 2016 and was completed in December of the same year, but the supervision work was completed only in May 2017 due to the lengthy maintenance of the contractor due to the problem of construction quality.

I think that the interior design of a new building (if it is not a rental space) basically complements the architectural design rather than adding something and making another. Therefore, it will be important to empathize with a common goal and respect each other's territories. In that respect, it is remembered as a project that lacked a lot.

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Segok-dong Cathedral


Site Area

Building Area

Building Coverage

Total floor area

Floor Area Ratio

Total Floor

Building Height

Number of Parking


Exterior Finish





Structural Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Landscape Architect




165-2, Yulhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

2,590.00 m^2

7,185.60 m^2


Not applicable

Not applicable

2nd floor, 4th floor


Not applicable

Not applicable

Granite, Marble, Artificial Stone

, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, Paint

Religious Facilities

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

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The Catholic Archdiocese

of Seoul Maintenance Foundation

MMKM associates Kim Se-kyung

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