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City council building space and seismic reinforcement design

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new symbol

Today, cities are becoming gigantic, the relationship between the center and the periphery is non-hierarchical, and the city's perceptual boundaries are no longer as clear as the urban structure models of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. Therefore, it is difficult for the spatial concept of a traditional city formed around monumental buildings to properly respond to the changes of a 'complex' and 'pluralistic' modern city. Seosomun Building, where the City Council Annex is located, was built as a prosecutor's office during the era of the military coup, a product of the military coup along with the modernization of the city. Surrounded by buildings, it remained as a local government office (annex) that retained its past. The monumentality of the modern city, which will become the symbol of the new parliament building, requires a 'new spatial concept'. It is a transition from the hierarchical method of 'volume in the city' that is no longer valid to the method of 'volume in space' as a symbol of dignity (status of the council) and space for communication (citizen participation).


The 'volume in space' method applied to the new parliament building is to create an open central space in the interior space by integrating and vertically connecting the common areas of the existing building. This 'PUBLIC CORE' will function as a space of dignity that the parliament building should have and a space of communication shared between citizens and the assembly. Our proposal is to provide a central space that is open and expands horizontally from the 2nd to 5th floors above ground, to spatially communicate between the floors of the building and to connect the interior and exterior spaces of the building.

1) The open space on the 4th floor (2~5F) and the circular staircase are a vertical communication structure that connects the internal space.

2) The two masses that protrude to the outside are a symbolic communication structure that connects the inside/outside and the assembly/citizens.

3) PUBLIC CORE is a central space that connects the level difference between the front and rear of the government building.

4) The central space inside is expanded by connecting with the rest/convenience space on the rooftop (9~10F).


City council building space and seismic reinforcement design

site location

land area

gross area

​local district

Kyu mo

old jo

exterior finish

for  also

Planning and basic design

detailed design

persimmon li

structural design

electrical equipment


landscape design

city  ball

place of order

4  Jin 

15 Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

(Councilor's Hall, Seosomun Government Complex Building 2)



​Type 3 General residential area

10th floor

reinforced concrete

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public work facility

MMKM associates Sekyung Kim, Seohong Min

+ Bon Architects & Engineers Kyungnam Kim

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Seoul Urban Space Improvement Team

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