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'Yeongju The Ium Eoullim Center' construction design competition


_ Combination/specialization, harmonious space

The facility is a complex facility of 'Urban Regeneration Base Facility + Public Parking Lot'. Although the use of parking-only construction is more than 70%, a method that does not appear in harmony with the surroundings is required, and special utilization methods for the private land purchase site and access road at the rear of the site must be considered. In order to create an integrated harmonious space, not in the same way as commercial buildings with vertically stacked programs, urban regeneration base facilities are vertically/horizontally distributed around public parking lots, and internal streets and common spaces connecting various access roads to the site are created. By connecting them, we wanted to make the entire facility a harmonious space.


_ Accessibility/symbolism, connection of alleyways

The site is adjacent to a 6-meter-long road to the south and east, and has three additional access roads connected to the existing residence, allowing access from various directions to connect to the internal pedestrian passage. The masses of the dispersed urban regeneration base facilities create an in-between space and are connected up to the 5th floor through a pedestrian passage and an outer core. Specialized programs are placed on each floor to ensure efficient use. Through this, the external space within the site connected by the alleyway and the space between the overlapping masses were intended to become a symbol of the Eoulim Center, where parts gather to form a whole by providing a space for various landscapes and experiences.

space composition.png

_ Spatial composition, connection and harmony

public parking lot
The 93-car parking lot occupies more than 70% of the total building and has a huge scale compared to the surrounding area, and the ramp section brings about morphological limitations and disconnection of the pedestrian circulation. By dividing the entire volume into two by placing a split level in the parking area, the sense of scale is reduced and the ramp section is shortened, making the pedestrian flow smooth and freeing the elevation plan facing the street.

Urban regeneration base facility
Placing urban regeneration base facilities along the pedestrian passage connecting the main entrance of the site and the rear of the public parking lot is similar to the way to create hot alleys in Seongsu-dong or Yeonnam-dong. Visitors are led to a cozy space different from the dull streetscape through the pedestrian passage. [Idea Store] was placed on the street to attract visitors, and [Yeongju Ginseng, Red Ginseng and White Factory] and [Station Area Revitalization Center] on the scale of two floors were considered to regenerate and use part of the existing dwelling. The [Open Air Restaurant] and [Urban Cultural Regeneration Workshop] on the 5th floor are the core spaces of the Oulrim Center, serving as cultural, tourism and industrial bases, providing a view toward Sobaeksan Mountain.

Pedestrian walkway and vertical core
The front road and three access roads are connected to the pedestrian passage in the site, and an alleyway and Ssamji Park are created around it. The outer core connected to the 5th floor is connected to the inner core through passages that wrap around the outside of the public parking lot on each floor. The outer core of the steel structure and the connecting bridge on the 5th floor were made to symbolize the unified harmony center by using the same color as the exterior floor finishing material.


1st floor.jpg
2nd floor.jpg
4th floor.jpg
5th floor.jpg

'Yeongju The Ium Eoullim Center' construction design competition

site location

land area

building area

tendon lung rate

gross area

volume ratio

Kyu mo

highest height

number of parking spaces

old jo

exterior finish

for  also

Planning and basic design

317-8 Hyucheon-dong, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do and 4 lots






1 basement floor, 5 floors above ground


93 units (including 4 disabled parking spaces)

Reinforced concrete structure

Aluminum windows + low-e double glazing,

Clay brick decoration, color steel plate

building for parking

MMKM associates

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