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Wasenru (瓦 line 樓)


Jirisan's line

Gwanghallu tile roof line

Chunhyang swinging, the line on the skirt

A house built with the lines of Namwon and Seonru


On August 27, 2015, on a late summer day when the fields turned yellow, I visited Namwon-si for the Namwonru Project. I visited Namwon for the first time without knowing anything about Namwon other than that it is the home of Chunhyang and Chueotang, so I decided to proceed with this project based on the impressions of that day, and made no preparations in advance. The eaves lines of the large and small hanok roofs and the gentle mountain slopes spread out from the car windows running from Namwon Station to the promised place seemed to give away a warm embrace that welcomes strangers.


While looking around Namwon's many attractions and sites, when I stopped by Gwanghallu, the best among them, I was reminded of Im Kwon-taek's movie, Chunhyangjeon, which I had seen a long time ago. Among them, Chunhyang swinging on a swing at Gwanghalru, where Lee Mongryong and Seong Chunhyang first met, which was the scene that could be counted as the best for me, and Chunhyang running on the swing with a strange smile when he realized that Mongryong Lee was looking at him and his youthful face. The beautiful curve created by the skirt of the Through the explanation of the city officials that Namwon-si has been a key point through which to climb Jirisan since ancient times, I imagined the beautiful lines created by overlapping and unfolding the ridges of Mt. Jirisan.


In the end, for this Namwon-ru Pavilion project, I decided to build a structure that collects the lines found in Namwon. After erecting two steel pillars and connecting the chains between them, a total of 100 stainless steel wires were threaded through the chains to hang them, and 1,700 flags were connected to the wires. Wasonru, which can be seen as the harmony of the mountains of Jirisan, the eaves of a hanok, or the skirts of Chunhyang, cries aloud by flapping its flags at the Hampau Sound Experience Center on windy days.




Site Area

Building Area

Building Coverage

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Building Height

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Exterior Finish





Structural Engineer

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Hampau Sound Experience Center, 14-21, Sulmian-gil, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do

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Stainless Steel Cable Structure

T22 Steel Pipe, Stainless Wire, Man-made Fiber Flag



MMKM associates Seo-Hong Min, Ah-Sung Gil
MMKM associates Seo-Hong Min, Ah-Sung Gil
MMKM associates Min Seohong

Daeju E&C
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Art Stair
Namwon-si Yegaram-gil Steering Committee
Monthly Concept James Jung

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