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Wolgye Library Remodeling


public library

Since emerging as a modern library movement for the public in the mid-19th century, public libraries have played a variety of social roles according to the changes of the times. are doing

everyday space

Public libraries are striving to increase the use of public services by providing expanded services through complexation with various facilities such as educational facilities and cultural facilities in accordance with changes in social roles. is developing into

library for a walk

“Because reading is the most important thing to experience, if you do not study it thoroughly, distinguish it brightly, and learn it with your mind and body, what does it have to do with you even if you recite a book that is enough to load five carts every day?” - Jeongjo Isan Words

Along the newly created gap between the front façade and the mass, visitors can freely walk in and out of the building, experiencing the surrounding landscape and the interior of the building, which vary depending on location. This evolved from the existing library method of reading books in a static atmosphere, integrating a series of processes of discovering, reading, and contemplating books with the process of walking, sitting, staying, and then wandering around to create a space of knowledge and information for reading and contemplation. It is a proposal to transform it into a space of experience.

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