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Guiding Concept

The Influence of Mountain and Music in Korean Cities, Art and Architecture
Korean architecture's close association to mountains and music can be observed in its inspirational curves in the lateral
direction of a pitched roof and its detail of the bending of the ends as the edges flow down the slope. It creates a poem
and continuity between one buildings roof to the next.
A series of these roofs put together, can be observed as a man made hills moving through the roads and landscape
of the urban fabric that blends with the background silhouettes of the natural hills. It is perhaps reason why most Korean settlements emerged within the valleys to convey such harmony and continue to inspire the work of many
contemporary artists.

Extension of Jeonju Station
The roof form remains a critical part of Korean Architecture therefore the new extension is formed around the existing roof,
dipping down in the middle to reveal the nostalgic past that is visible from the central vista of the city. An urban landscape in
harmony with its surroundings.
The construction of the form is inspired from the silhouettes of the hills that follow the korean tradition to become a part of
a larger continuity of curve in the lateral direction and subdivided by perpendicular repetitive structural members.

A Contemporary Landscape that emerges into a Building to Blend with its Surroundings
The fluidity of the dunes of the hills in the backdrop inspires the representation of the korean landscape and music into a
contemporary architectural form realized as an expression through the extension of Jeonju Station and plaza. At the end of
the Urban axis the ripples emerge from the landscape plaza and grow larger towards the heritage station to form a buildings
mass that blends into the silhouettes of the hills and the gently curved lines of the historic roof.

Site Location: Around 680, Dongbu-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do

Site area: 68,877m^2

Building area: Not applicable

Dry lung rate: N/A

Total floor area: 4873m^2

Floor area ratio: 7%

Scale: 1 basement level, 1 above ground floor

Maximum Height: N/A

Number of parking spaces: 400

Structure: steel frame

Exterior finish: glass, metal cladding

Use: railway station

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