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Everyday is a festival: rediscovering the square


What will you make? -Public facilities in everyday life

Although public facilities such as community centers are almost the only community facilities for village communities in Eup, Myeon, and Dong units, the community centers around us are places where people leave immediately after receiving necessary work due to poor facilities and environment. It lacks special spatial symbolism to become the center of the local community. Our proposal is to create a plaza under the structure of the Administrative Welfare Center to turn a public building into a space in daily life, and make the entire site a park to provide free space for people to stay, and convert it into a circular structure suitable for various events and leisure activities. Connect to create a special place.

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how to make - Rediscovery of the square

As the historical city grows, it becomes a social and economic center, and squares and markets take their place along with public buildings. Also, the relationship between the monument and the enclosed space composing the plaza forms a perspective space concept. The plaza of the new administrative welfare center corresponds to a 'vertical gap' formed by the separation of the building and the ground, is defined by the eaves of a huge circular deck (45m in diameter), and is extended by the sunken plaza connected to the basement. The plaza that accommodates various events will become a central space in the area where social and cultural communities are radiated.

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​- 인터뷰 영상 -

What is good? - Open space composition

The cross-shaped plane has an open space on all four sides by separating the stairwell into an external corner. In addition, it is opened vertically by the VOID located in the center, and the interior is bright and rich by the high windows of the cross bolt roof. The civil service office is located at the center of the internal space, and the circular deck outside the civil service office is another site separated from the ground, which induces pedestrian access to the administrative welfare center from all directions and is used as an external space for both workers, visitors, and local residents. do.

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Brochure Full Joriup 19P25P(23).png
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 - Construction video -


Site Area

Building Area

Building Coverage

Total floor area

Floor Area Ratio

Total Floor

Building Height

Number of Parking


Exterior Finish





Structural Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Landscape Architect




188-6,9, Bongilcheon-ri, Jori-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
6,013.43m^2 (3,723.15m^2 above ground)
2nd floor, 4th floor
111 cars
Reinforced Concrete
Clay Brick, High-strength Concrete Panel (UHPC)

, Aluminum Windows + low-e Double-Glazed Glass
Public Business Facilities (public buildings)

MMKM associates
MMKM associates
Not applicable
Jinwon Engineering
Jinwon Engineering
Landscape shop
Not applicable
Not applicable

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