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City of Housing, Housing of City

Multi-unit housing is an urban infrastructure. The fundamental problem of apartment houses as an urban infrastructure is that they define lifestyles and make it difficult to adapt to environmental changes. If apartment houses can accommodate the diverse lifestyles of modern people, they can play a monumental role in realizing a sustainable city.

We think of a city as not a set of classified and defined spaces. It is a continuum in which private and public daily life coexist. This project intends to propose an apartment house as an urban infrastructure through the following three methods.

First, it creates an overlapping situation that blurs the boundaries between the public and private realms.

Second, it breaks down the unit of the family as we understand it as the basic unit of the house.

Third, redefine the concept of personal space.

The target site of this project is located in the central axis of the Chinese city of Shenzhen, which is a post-industrial city that is developing rapidly.

Site Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Site area: 1,710,500m2

Structure: Concrete

Exterior finish: exposed concrete

Use: apartment house


Design: MMKM associates Seohong Min + Seonghwan Yoon

Client : Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition

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